Born and raised in beautiful Sonoma County, CA, Reena grew up in a renovated farm house on two acres just outside of Sebastopol. She comes from a deeply giving, loosely spiritual, and closely connected family. Oak trees, mud pies, sisterhood, bare feet, and bonfires are among the elements that shaped her childhood spirit. Nature, service, ritual, community, and women's spirituality have helped to develop her adult creative sight. 


Reena studied Fine Art in college, and developed an interest in youth work and community arts, working for many years in non-profits and schools teaching art and community building skills to children and youth. She also has a deep connection to spirituality. She studied theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, and worked for a time in youth ministry, teaching young people skills to access their creative and spiritual voice.


Reena is constantly searching for new ways to express her art, and her works range from painting, drawing, mixed media, and collage. Her pieces call from her life experiences, world events, and social issues. Most commonly featured themes are intersectional feminism, green witchcraft, body image, gender norms, sexuality, and social justice.


Reena is an amateur seamstress, a green witch, an aspiring doula, and loves painting small (and occasionally big) faces. She loves to run, swim, play with her family, practice yoga, tend her garden, and take long baths. Things like crystals and flowers make her really really happy. She's also a bit of a nudist. When an opportunity presents itself, she can transform into a mermaid fairly quickly. Reena lives in Graton, California with her family: partner Zeb, son Emmett, and (very) large orange kitty Charlie.